California’s Solar Energy Provider

We founded Green Flash Solar Energy because we saw the increasing need to bring eco-friendly lifestyles into both our home and work lives. Solar Energy not only provides an eco-friendly solution, but helps home owners and businesses save on their always growing electrical expense. A win, win in our book!








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More Money in Your Pocket

Is your electricity bill costing you more than you can afford? Electricity bills can be the highest utility bills for both residential and commercial buildings. Installing solar will help reduce your monthly costs and put more money in your pocket.

Help Save the Environment

Solar uses energy directly from the sun. That means traditional electricity, which is derived from fossil fuels like coal, aren’t being used to produce your energy. A natural source provided by the suns rays is giving your home and business the electricity it needs, without using harmful fossil fuels.

Invest in Your Future

The money that you save from using solar energy not only goes into your pocket, but can help save money for your future. Have children? Plan on expanding your business? Both of these things costs large amounts of money. Use the money you save with solar energy to provide for your future needs.

Increase Property Value

Installing solar panels to your home or business will help increase the value of the building. Commercial buildings not only save on their electricity bills, but can profit from their tenants long term with solar. Home owners will increase the value of their home exponentially, helping the sale process go smoother.

How We Work

1 Our Solar Energy process begins and ends with your needs. We first meet with you on location to evaluate your needs. Whether you're trying to decrease your energy bill or want to increase the value of your home, we distinguish your goals and recommend the right amount of solar and location to fit your needs.

2 Once your specific needs have been established, it's now go time. We go through an extensive process on our end to make sure we're getting you the best deal possible for the right amount of panels you need installed. We then work closely with a roofing provider to take care of the whole job. We make it easy for you to get solar.

3 The third and final step is installation. Our team of qualified electricians and roofers work together to provide your home or business with the solar setup you need. We not only provide a quick and reliable solar service, but our team of experienced solar installers is available to answer all your questions during the process.